A Day in the Life – I


We found Supernova as a kitten. We didn’t know where he came from, he just showed up one day. He was malnourished, had body-wide ringworm (Microsporum) with no hair and he wasn’t eating nor moving. We resuscitated him with intravenous fluids and parenteral nutrition for three days. After he started ambulating a bit we introduced him to his new room with stuffed toys and blankets as his friends. It was to be a long road to recovery. His ringworm treatment lasted for a month. He seemed to have slowed developmental milestones. He developed absence seizures (a form of generalised epilepsy). He began treatment with anti-epileptics. He slowly got over his shyness and terror of the outside: a usual reaction of cats attacked by dogs as kittens. His hair eventually grew back as the ringworm infection subsided. We realised he was an explosion of colour, literally and figuratively, so he was given his name, Supernova.

After three months indoors we eventually weaned him off the anti-epileptics with no further occurrences of the seizures. He was now living mostly in the garden. We could only spot him now as a multi-hued blur as he raced from point to point chasing butterflies, or birds flying overhead at five-hundred feet up, or just looking at clouds.

He is the happiest cat in the bunch. Every life is special.

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