Sort of new political party

That’s Mickela Panday’s Progressive Front political party, not to be confused with the The Progressive Front of Zambia political party.

Mickela’s website hasn’t really been updated in almost a year which makes us feel kind of good: one website with slower updates than ours. Really now, are these folks serious at all? And why is it that none of these new political parties have proportional representation with constitutional and electoral reform on the front burner?

We  need a parliamentary system similar to that in Finland and in Germany. The bicameral system needs to end. The present lame-duck constitutional President needs to go and be replaced by an executive President. At least we’ll save money on wine. Elections for members of the House of Representatives should be moved to local government elections.

Of course no political party wants to share power with another, which is exactly what proportional representation will entail. No, they like the present system of rule for five years by essential dictatorial fiat governed not by transparency and ethics but by the decree of a secret Cabinet supported by the corrupt business and oligarchic lobby.

No proportional representation, no vote.

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