Random film images

Columbus Bay, 2001. Canon EOS 3, Kodak Portra 400NC film.

This was really good film back then: realistic colours and smooth tonality with small grain. This was the wedding photographer’s staple film in developed countries. In the Caribbean wedding photographers mostly used Kodak Gold film because of the unavailability and high cost of Portra films. Compared to Kodak Gold Portra had far superior tonal gradations, higher dynamic range and lower contrast. Skin tones were perfect.

Sailboat and sunset, 1998. Canon EOS 5, Kodak E100VS film.

At the other end of the spectrum was Kodak’s high contrast slide film: Ektachrome 100VS (VS for Vivid Saturation). The film was grainier than Fujichrome Velvia 50 with a slight shift to more orange tones. It was one of Kodak’s great films.

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