archival randomness I

Behind the mask, 2005. Kodak Tri-X film.

What lurks behind the masks we wear?

We took this picture with a Leica M6 long ago. The subject is out of focus, but that really doesn’t detract from the picture, in our opinion.

Supplicant, 2013. Leica M9P.

When an f1.0 lens goes out of focus wide open, it really goes out of focus. Yet, we still like this picture. The cool kids love the clinically focused look, especially in the smartphone age where everything is in focus from the tip of your nose to that tree ten miles in the distance. They will recoil in horror at these pictures. Do we care? Nope. We don’t even try hard to nail focus anymore: too much energy expenditure for presbyopic old people like us. At any rate, with our glasses off, this is how the world appears to us anyway.

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