A Day in the Life II – Eclipse and Rocket

The two tornadoes

Life wasn’t always this good for the two website editors. Eclipse began life under the wheels of a car and was migrated by his mother to under the stairs. At three weeks old he developed encephalitis and septicaemia. We rushed him to a veterinary hospital. Things weren’t looking too great for a while. After two weeks he eventually returned home.

First day home after returning from the vet.
Educational TV one week back from the vet

These days, apart from editing websites, Eclipse destroys a new section of the house every day by virtue of being a four-legged battering ram. He still looks at TV. He also knows where our surveillance cameras are and installs himself in front of them when he wants to let us know he’s ready to return indoors.

Rocket on arrival

We found Rocket abandoned in a deep drain. He was in pretty bad shape: covered in fleas and coated in diarrhoea. He had been drinking drain-water and picked up a severe case of Giardiasis. He had to be resuscitated at the vet. It took a month of treatment for his diarrhoea to subside. He required fat-soluble vitamin substitution to compensate for malabsorption. He eventually pulled through.

Rocket’s got a thing for wrapping paper.

Rocket spends his days playing in the garden and has a large vocabulary of odd noises. Everything he does, sees, or thinks is prefaced by a ‘burr’, ‘coo’, ‘chirp’, or ‘whoop’. He is the R2-D2 of cats.

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