Bamboo Trails

Bamboo is a type of grass, varying in height from dwarf plants (30cm) to giant timber bamboos that can grow to over 100 feet (40m) in height. Trinidad has large indigenous quantities of Bamboo growing in the tropical rainforests around the country. Bamboo can be found in the foothills of the three mountain ranges where the temperature, soil, and water are optimum for growth. Many bamboo growing areas are accessible by road. Unfortunately, the bamboos here are often harvested for construction purposes and for Rattan furniture. Bamboo is also harvested yearly to form the decorative framework for deyas during Divali celebrations. I suggest visiting the protected Bamboo Cathedral in Macqueripe.

The bamboos growing along this trail have formed a spectacular arch under which the trail runs. Of late, the density of the bamboo has been slightly threadbare due to a number of factors, two of which include forest fires and, of course, illegal harvesting. Nevertheless, the trail is worth visiting, especially during the rainy season. Howler monkeys have been known to venture close to the trail on occasion. Photographing the trail can be a nightmare; it rarely comes out the way I want it. It only comes together, photographically, at particular times of the year.

While enjoying the trail and the otherworldliness it offers, we remind our readers not to litter or to otherwise damage the bamboo.

The trail can be accessed as follows:
Proceed to Chaguaramas. At Pier 1, you will see a large bunker on the right ("the Base"). Turn right onto the road just before the base and drive north. 400m before the entrance to Macqueripe Bay there will be a sign indicating the "Bamboo Cathedral" on the right. The trail is blocked off by a barrier; no cars are allowed on the trail. Park your car near the trail entrance and enjoy the walk!


Bamboo Trail Light and Shadows Gateway Bamboo Cathedral
Arch Dark Bamboo

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