La Vega Estate

La Vega is located in Gran Couva. It is easily found by turning left at the Couva fly-over after taking the Couva ramp from the south-bound lane of the highway. Follow the road to Preysal. There are sign-posts to the estate along the way, so you can't get lost! Our map of Trinidad may be of use.

This privately owned 250 acre recreation park features short winding trails through cocoa and bamboo plantations as well as three man-made lakes. There is a small admission charge. Swimming is prohibited, and the lakes are home to a Caiman subspecies. Fishing is allowed once the catch is returned to the lake, preferably unharmed. Thatched huts are scattered along the circumference of the lakes for picnicking.

***Please note that Trinidad Dreamscape is NOT AFFILIATED with the La Vega Estate. The La Vega official website can be found here. Please refer all email enquiries to the official La Vega website, and not to us!! ***


Immortelle Benches Lake Trail
Fishing platform Under a hut Bamboo trail Looking up
Looking up

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