Tyrico Bay

Many people new to Trinidad are probably under the impression that Maracas is the only beach on the North coast. Certainly, Maracas is the most developed beach on the north of the island, and has received more than its fair share of idyllic photographs. Tyrico is its lesser known sister.

Just a minute from Maracas lies the 100m long bay of Tyrico. This beach has a more secluded feel than Maracas as it is tightly enclosed by verdant hills. The waves are slightly less intimidating than those found at Maracas but, unfortunately, the beach is subject to a powerful longshore current thereby making bathing hazardous. Lifeguards are stationed at the beach during busy weekends. A small semi-perennial stream exits into the sea at the eastern end of the bay. Accompanying the semi-perennial stream is the ever perennial evidence of Trinidadian disregard for the environment: at least bottle collectors will be happy.

Tourist brochures claim the presence of beach 'facilities'. After taking a good look at the aforementioned 'facilities', we were of the opinion that it might be a good idea to just ignore the tourist information. We think it would be best to visit the beach during the early morning hours as the relatively unshaded beach becomes an UV cooker later in the day. Oh, and last but not least, bring along the insect repellent.


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